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About us

Empowering Youth for Global Citizenship

Le Frehindi, endorsed by the French and Indian Governments, strives to transform youth into global citizens under the ethos of “Vasudev Kutumbakham” (the world as one family). Our mission focuses on tackling educational inequality, environmental issues, and social discrimination through innovative and transformative programs. These initiatives promote personal growth, skill development, and experiential learning, empowering young minds to contribute positively to society. Join us in fostering a future where diversity is celebrated, and every individual thrives, making the world a better place for tomorrow’s youth. Together, we can create a brighter, inclusive future.

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Creating a Brighter Future Together

Our Philosophy

Cultivating Global Harmony Through Experiential Learning

Le Frehindi champions the belief that the future is entrusted to the youth, emphasizing the imperative need to direct societal resources towards bolstering their productivity and skills. We assert that learning from global peers sparks innovation, encourages the exchange of ideas, and breaks down barriers, championing “Cultivating Global Harmony Through Experiential Learning” in an era captivated by digital screens. Supported by the embassies of India and France, as well as by esteemed organizations like the United Nations, Red Cross, and youth wings of the European Union, our programs embody our commitment to this philosophy.

Our philosophy revolves around fostering global connectivity and cultural understanding beyond conventional educational settings. Through immersive experiences like cultural exchanges, language immersion, internships, apprenticeships, and engaging summer and winter camps, we equip young minds with practical skills and profound cultural insights. Le Frehindi stands as a beacon for cultivating a community of learners who are not only skilled and knowledgeable but also culturally sensitive, poised to collaboratively surmount global challenges. This philosophy drives our mission, nurturing a generation that values diversity, pursues innovation, and contributes positively to a harmonious global society.


Aspiring to be a global leader in developing innovative, globally aware, and ethically driven youth through unique programs beyond conventional classrooms.


Empowering youth with practical global skills, cultural, and linguistic insights through experiential learning to address today's global challenges.

We Ensure Safety

Safety Stands As Our Absolute Priority

Le Frehindi prioritizes safety above all, holding a distinguished license from ATOUT France (License No. IM075180103), ensuring regulation and safety in tour-based activities. As a member of APST in Europe, we commit to the highest safety standards and financial security in educational travel, following a strict Code of Practice. Our adherence to these rigorous protocols is further supported by our registration with the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, marking us as a premier operator for student travel programs. Recognized by the Indian Embassy in Paris for our youth sensitization initiative, we maintain an impeccable safety record across all activities, including global outreach and educational camps. Our dedication to safety, recognized by regulatory bodies in France and India, guarantees a secure and transformative learning experience for students, offering parents and institutions peace of mind.

As members of APST, we follow a comprehensive Code of Practice and uphold Safety Management Standards that surpass the usual requirements. This dedication to excellence in safety and security is recognized by our registration with the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, as a premier tour operator for both inbound and outbound student programs. Our efforts are further acknowledged through a letter of patronage from the Indian Embassy in Paris, specifically for our “Programme de sensibilisation des jeunes: Créer des liens avec l’Inde” initiative.

Our impeccable record in maintaining the highest safety standards during all our activities, including global outreach trips and both international and domestic camps, underlines our unwavering commitment to the security and well-being of our participants. This assurance of safety and our comprehensive approach to risk management are core to our mission, providing peace of mind to parents and educational institutions alike, as they entrust us with the responsibility of offering transformative learning experiences.

At Le Frehindi, we prioritize the health and safety of our participants, ranging from ages 11 to 25, above all else. Our comprehensive safety protocols are integral to every program we offer, including tours, camps, internships, and other activities, both domestically and internationally. Below is a detailed summary of our safety measures:

1. Initiation of Safety Culture: We foster a strong health and safety culture from the start of each program, highlighting its significance to all participants.

2. Risk Assessment: We conduct thorough risk assessments for all activities, implementing necessary controls and safety measures.

3. Safe Transport and Accommodation: Secure transport and accommodation are provided, including stays with verified host families and reputable international hostels/camps.

4. Resource Allocation: Adequate financial and human resources are allocated to effectively uphold our health and safety policies.

5. Staff Training: All staff are trained in safety protocols and first aid, ensuring preparedness for any situation.

6. Effective Communication: We maintain open communication with teachers, parents, and institutions through WhatsApp or SMS, providing regular updates throughout the tour.

7. Daily Updates: We share daily summaries and photos with parents and teachers via WhatsApp groups.

8. Safety Instructions: Regular safety instructions and updates are communicated to participants through WhatsApp groups.

9. Monitoring Safety Standards: Our staff, alongside accompanying teachers and mentors, diligently monitor and uphold our safety standards.

Safety Management Of Accommodation
  • Comprehensive Accommodation Arrangements: All lodging, including host family stays, is organized by Le Frehindi, with a focus on safety and comfort.
  • Verification and Compliance: We conduct in-depth verification of host families and hostels, ensuring compliance with safety legislation.
  • Audit and Risk Assessment: Our accommodations undergo standard audits and risk assessments by our offices before use.
  • Focused Attention on Younger Participants: Students, especially the younger ones, receive briefings on road safety, avoiding bicycle lanes, and the importance of using safety gear during sports.
  • Nightly Supervision: A chaperone conducts nightly rounds to ensure students’ safety, while security personnel monitor to prevent unsupervised departures.
Safety Management Of Transport
  • Assured Travel Safety: Our travel arrangements prioritize safety, utilizing only the safest modes of transport, whether by coach, ferry, or air.
  • Regulated Travel: We collaborate exclusively with regulated and reputable transport providers to ensure compliance with strict safety standards.
  • Compliance and Audits: All transportation complies with local, national, and international safety standards, undergoing regular safety audits.
Health and Medical Preparedness
  • Doctor on Call: A doctor is available on call at the host school to address any medical concerns promptly.
  • First Aid Services: Our chaperone carries first aid supplies at all times, ready to provide immediate care when necessary.
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Our Story

Our Directors
Meet the dynamic minds steering the ship at Le Frehindi, each contributing unique expertise to our shared vision of global empowerment.
Haru Mehra CEO

Haru Mehra

CEO & Managing Director

Laxmi Mehra

Founding Director
Tanuja Ex. Director

Ms. Tanuja Mamgain

Executive Director
Our Mentors
Meet our esteemed mentors, distinguished advisors who play a pivotal role in shaping our policies and enriching our programs.

Ms. Lena John

Mentor- Schools Outreach Programs

Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey

Mentor- Learning Assessments & AI

Ms. Emily Cooper

Mentor- Skill development Programs

Dr. Comlan Fantognon

Mentor- University Outreach Programs

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