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Elevate your perspective, explore innovative educational practices, and enhance leadership skills through tailored trips and tours focused on the evolution of education.
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As a company on a mission to elevate education, we recognize the crucial role that educational leaders play in shaping the future of our learners. We believe that providing them with opportunities for continuous growth and development is essential for fostering thriving educational environments. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our exclusive Familiarity Tours, designed to empower educational leaders through immersive experiences that broaden their perspectives, expose them to innovative practices, and hone their leadership skills.

  • Familiarity tours expose educators to different educational environments, methods, and administrative practices, fostering fresh insights.
  • We cover diverse educational areas, such as school visits, conferences, international institutions, and much more.
  • Educators can network with peers, fostering professional relationships and collaborative opportunities.
  • Our tours offer ongoing education, keeping educators updated on latest trends and innovations in teaching techniques.
  • We offer a variety of tours including international travel, providing global educational perspectives.
  • Insights gained influence decisions at the school level, impacting curriculum, teaching, and management.

Open to all Educators  |  4 – 6 day Tour  | European immersion

Tours Listing

Lyon Oriental Camp

Escape summer's heat in Lyon, France, with an oriental-style retreat. Examine the  highly regarded French educational system, delve into the concepts of emotional  intelligence, and advance your career with the help of international instructors. Play  exciting chess and explore Lyon's hidden treasures with knowledgeable assistance, creating lifelong memories.

Educator’s Europe Camp

Set out on a life-changing European journey across the continent. Enjoy well planned city tours that allow you to really engage with the locals. Sail through maritime wonders, explore cultural escapes to villages, and experience adventurous excursions. Gain insights into Europe's educational system, ensuring a holistic and unforgettable journey.


A Word from our Beneficiaries

Ashok kumar Budding chennai

Ashok Kumar Adikathoorvinayagasundaram

Director, Budding Minds International School, Chennai
“Participating in Le Frehindi's FAM Tour was a transformative experience. Exploring Finland's educational landscape with Indian principals was eye-opening. From the vibrant south to the serene Oulu region up north, we uncovered the secrets behind Finland's status as the world's happiest country. This journey reaffirmed that education is the cornerstone of this happiness, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that left an indelible impact on my perspective.”

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