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  • Online sessions are conducted by us before the trip
  • Yes, we provide you with end-to-end solutions including visa & documentation process, sharing a documentation checklist, submitting forms, taking appointments, and helping with group formalities. However, students must apply for the visa at least 3 months in advance before departure date.


  • Most schools in Europe are our partners. Partnership with over 60 schools, with a combination of public and private schools.
  • Most universities in Europe are our partners. Partnership with over 50 universities, with a combination of public and private universities.


  • The students are mostly provided with international youth hostels or student residences, with 2-6 students sharing a well-equipped room.
  • Another accommodation provided is dormitories, having bunk beds and common washrooms.
  • We also have tie-ups with two-star B&B hotels, where up to 2 students share one room.
  • Host family accommodation may be available for certain theme-based groups.
  • The accommodation also depends on availability, advance booking, and cost attached to different programs.


  • It’s advisable to familiarize yourself with European customs, greetings, and basic conversational language medium. Understanding cultural nuances can enhance your experience.
  • Punctuality is a social norm followed by people in Europe, so we expect the students to be punctual at all times
  • We expect the students to adhere to the instructions given by the organizers/ teachers/coordinators.
  • Attend pre-departure orientation sessions, research about the culture, and be open-minded. Understanding cultural nuances helps in adapting more easily.


  • Pack appropriate clothing for the season, essentials for personal hygiene, a water bottle, a small backpack, and any specific items recommended by the organizers. Researching about the weather before the actual trip is highly encouraged by the organizers.
  • General medicines are a necessity. The students should carry their specific medications with prescriptions, during the trip.
  • The adapter used in Europe is different, so the students are suggested to buy and carry a universal adapter, from a trusted buyer with the ‘CE’ mark
  • Baggage 1 (Big): The maximum limit of one big baggage is 23 kg but we recommend not more than 15-16 kg per student. There are no porters in Europe, so students have to carry their own luggage.
  • Baggage 2 (Small): One small backpack/school bag/sling bag to carry important things/camera/cash/lunch/water etc.
  • You have to purchase the international roaming pack from your service provider.
  • We advise you to carry the International SIM with you, from India before the travel. However, there are SIMs available in Europe as well, but it might be more costly and might take time.


  • Yes we are licensed by ATOUT-France (IM075180103) with proper Financial Guarantees and liability assurance.
  • Yes we are a licensed tour operator in India, recognized as the most valued partner by the Ministry of Tourism – Govt of India.
  • Our programs have dedicated coordinators based out of Europe
  • We have emergency plans, as per Eu guidelines, and we follow all safety guidelines as set out by the European Commission. An English-speaking chaperone from the company accompanies the students at all times.
  • All details are relayed to the participants as well as their guardians before the trip.


  • Our programs offer orientation sessions for parents to learn about the cultural differences and challenges their child may encounter. This would also cover the other aspects, such as the itinerary, accommodation, host family introduction,etc.
  • Yes, only under the supervision of the organizer and accompanying teacher.
  • Yes, the parent/s can travel alongside the children, however, we cannot include the parent/s to follow the same itinerary with the group. They must take care of their own visa, boarding, lodging, and visits.
  • Time slots are allotted to students to talk with their families.
  • As the students are occupied with their activities and visits, we recommend that the students do not contact the families during the day.
  • Photos and videos are shared by the organizers and/or the teachers on a real-time basis in a WhatsApp group with parents.
  • In case of emergencies, the parents may contact the accompanying teachers, or chaperones, whose mobile numbers will be shared in advance with the parents.
  • With every 10 students, one teacher from the school will be traveling with the minor students.
  • One representative from Le Frehindi will always be with the students in Europe.
  • If a student falls sick, then a teacher will stay with the student at the hostel.
  • Immediate medical assistance will be provided, as and when required.
  • Parents will be immediately involved and consent will be taken, before
    proceeding with any treatment.
  • Students are traveling with us in safe transport systems with an organizer accompanying them at all times. We ensure the safety and security of the students and we brief them to keep their belongings safe in the host country.
  • The passports are kept safely at our offices in Europe
  • Although our cost is all-inclusive for school students, but students can carry either cash or buy a Forex card.
  • Students are advised to carry 100 to 200 Euros for buying souvenirs or personal snacks.
  • If any student wishes to shop, they can carry 400-500 Euros with them or as per the limit set by RBI.
  • If the student is carrying more than 200 Euros, then it is advisable to carry it in a Forex card or use the International Debit/Credit card.
  • Yes, but we discourage students from using them during activities, schools and universities. They may use their cameras on the phone, to capture certain interesting moments.


  • Collaborative planning sessions, involvement in selecting participating students and selecting accompanying teachers, and communication channels for school/university administrators are typically part of the program’s structure
  • Students are encouraged to showcase India with dance, singing, playing instruments, yoga, painting, etc. at the host school/university, and also participate in joint workshops, classes, sports activities, and other engaging activities with the students at the host school/university. The activities are always supervised and well-planned ahead of the trip, ensuring the safety and security of the students.


  • To know more about the factors inclusive and exclusive to specific programs, you may share your query in our contact form, or to reach out to us directly by emailing us: 
  • Yes, for the activities that require special gear/equipment, Le Frehindi will provide the same to the students.


  • Yes, host families are carefully screened and selected to ensure the safety and well-being of the students
  • Phones are not allowed during the activities at the host school.
  • Students are expected to keep their rooms clean, respect the waste management process, and throw their leftover food at the designated place.
  • Always ask for permission if you are clicking photos of the host students or teachers


  • Le Frehindi may gather information about students’ dietary preferences and restrictions in advance, and communicate this to host families or caterers.
  • A mixture of Indian and French foods is provided to the students.
  • Fast food chains like KFC, Burger King, Mcdonalds, etc. are included in the itinerary.
  • Packed, homemade delivery foods are also available for the students at the hostel.
  • Yes, this requirement can be met in Europe, as most meat foods are Halal.


  • Most flights are a combination of direct and indirect flights, with layovers of 2-3 hours, depending on the availability of the airlines, cost attached.
  • Depending on the location, students travel through high-speed TGV trains,charter buses, metros, trams, inter-city buses, etc.
  • Information will be provided on planned transportation modes, schedules, and safety considerations, including details on how students will be transported between accommodations and program activities.
  • For school students & minors, all travel arrangements are pre-booked and pre-planned.
  • For university students, clear guidelines on transportation responsibilities will be communicated, ensuring students are aware of arrangements for all planned and non-planned activities.


  • 100% refund if any cancellations before the Airline tickets are booked.
  • In case the School / Student asks for a refund after the Air tickets are booked, then, the refund of the airfare will depend upon the refund policy of the respective airlines. Le Frehindi will retain 20% of the total amount remaining after deducting the Airfare cost and the rest will be refunded to the student/school.
  • In case of visa refusal to any student total refund will be given & respective Airline refund rules will be applicable if tickets are booked for the student whose VISA has been rejected.
  • There will be no refund whatsoever if the cancellation takes place after the VISA has been issued by the Embassy.
  • In case of situations that are out of control like acts of God such as calamities/war/pandemic etc., the tour will be conducted at a later date and month in consultation with the school at the same cost.

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