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Discover the World Beyond Books with Le Frehindi’s Job Shadowing Program for High Schoolers

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the traditional education system, while fundamental, is often found lacking in preparing students for the real challenges and opportunities of the professional environment. Recognizing this gap, Le Frehindi’s Job Shadowing Program emerges as a pioneering initiative, specially designed for students in grades 10 to 12. This unique program goes beyond the confines of classroom learning, offering young minds the unparalleled opportunity to dive into the workings of top corporates in Europe, and much more. Here’s why participation in this program is not just beneficial but essential for students poised on the brink of their future careers.

Real-World Exposure

At the heart of Le Frehindi’s program is the chance for students to witness the inner workings of some of Europe’s leading corporations. Imagine walking through the production lines of Airbus, observing the precision and innovation that go into creating the world’s most advanced aircraft, or learning the intricacies of tyre manufacturing from Michelin Tyres. This exposure is invaluable, providing insights into the manufacturing, operational, and strategic realms of global giants.

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Cultivating Entrepreneurial Spirit

Beyond observation, the program empowers students to think like entrepreneurs. It trains them to generate business ideas and pitch their startups, offering a platform to understand the dynamics of establishing and running a business. This entrepreneurial spirit is nurtured in an environment where creativity, innovation, and risk-taking are encouraged, laying the groundwork for future business leaders.

A Gateway to Diverse Industries

Le Frehindi’s Job Shadowing Program isn’t just about understanding the transport or manufacturing sectors. It’s a journey through a plethora of industries. Participants have the unique opportunity to explore the aromatic world of perfume making at Fragonard’s head office in Paris, delving into the blend of art, science, and business that defines this industry.

Understanding International Diplomacy and Social Responsibility

The program also emphasizes the importance of international diplomacy and social responsibility. Visits to the United Nations headquarters offer students a glimpse into the complexities of global governance and diplomacy. Meanwhile, engagement with the Red Cross in Geneva highlights the significance of humanitarian work, instilling a sense of duty towards global welfare. Such experiences broaden students’ horizons, fostering a well-rounded perspective on world affairs.

Learning from the World’s Happiest Country

What makes a nation happy? Students will find answers in Finland, known for its high quality of life and innovative companies like Nokia. This segment of the program focuses on understanding the societal structures and policies that contribute to happiness and well-being, offering lessons on creating environments that promote both personal and professional growth.

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Why Join Us?

Le Frehindi’s Job Shadowing Program is more than an educational trip; it’s a transformative journey that prepares students for the future by equipping them with knowledge, skills, and experiences that textbooks simply cannot provide. It’s an investment in a student’s future, opening doors to global opportunities and insights.

Participation in this program signifies stepping into a world where learning is boundless, where every experience enriches understanding, and where future leaders are molded. It’s an opportunity to not just dream about the future but to start living it today.

Call to Action

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? To learn more about how you can be a part of Le Frehindi’s Job Shadowing Program, connect with our team at Let’s prepare for a future that’s not just imagined but experienced.

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