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Discovering the Art of Fine Glass Making: A Visit to Iittala with Le Frehindi

In a unique opportunity to blend education with industry insights, a group of principals from Nepal embarked on a fascinating journey to the Iittala Glass factory in Hämeenlinna, Finland. This visit, organized by Le Frehindi, offered a glimpse into the meticulous art of fine glass making, a craft Iittala has perfected since its inception in 1881.

Iittala is celebrated for its timeless designs and exceptional craftsmanship. The visiting principals were mesmerized by the process behind iconic collections like the Aalto vase and Teema tableware. Observing the fusion of tradition and innovation in Iittala’s production, they appreciated the intricate details that go into creating each piece. This experience was not just an eye-opener but also a source of inspiration for bringing similar educational opportunities to their students.

Le Frehindi, a leading student mobility company, is dedicated to curating such immersive programs. Our goal is to provide students with firsthand exposure to global business practices and design excellence. This upcoming October/November 2024, we are excited to offer students the chance to participate in an industrial visit to Iittala as part of our broader European educational tours.

These visits are designed to enhance students’ understanding of business operations, design processes, and the importance of cultural influences in global industries. By experiencing the real-world applications of their studies, students gain valuable insights and inspiration for their future careers.

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