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Le Frehindi Expands: New Kathmandu Branch Opens Doors April 1st

Le Frehindi Expands Reach: New Branch Office in Kathmandu Opens Doors to French Language and Cultural Enrichment on April 1st, 2024
Le Frehindi, a Paris based organization with branch offices in India as well, is a renowned name in the game, dedicated to promoting French language and culture, has announced the inauguration of its newest branch office in Kathmandu, Nepal, effective from today, April 1st, 2024. This expansion marks a significant milestone for Le Frehindi, as it extends its reach beyond its established locations to cater to the growing demand for French language education in Nepal.

The opening of the Kathmandu branch office presents a multitude of benefits for students in Nepal. With access to Le Frehindi’s renowned language programs and cultural initiatives, French language enthusiasts across schools and universities in Kathmandu can now embark on a journey to master the language of diplomacy and culture. Moreover, this expansion creates opportunities for cross-cultural exchange, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the French language and its rich heritage.

Students enrolled in Le Frehindi’s programs can expect a comprehensive learning experience facilitated by qualified instructors and supplemented by immersive cultural activities and exchange programs. Furthermore, the presence of a branch office in Kathmandu enhances accessibility and convenience for students, allowing them to pursue their linguistic aspirations closer to home.

Overall, the inauguration of Le Frehindi’s Kathmandu branch office symbolizes a commitment to promoting linguistic diversity and cultural exchange, offering students in Nepal a gateway to a world of opportunities through the study of French language and culture.

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