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Le Frehindi’s School Exchange Programs covered in French TV

“Cultural Odyssey: Lyon Middle School Students Embark on Eye-Opening Journey in New Delhi”

In a groundbreaking cultural exchange initiative, a group of middle school students from Lyon
suburbs found themselves immersed in the vibrant tapestry of New Delhi. The journey, sparked
by an online connection between an Indian professor and an English teacher from Lyon, aimed
to broaden the horizons of these young minds and foster global understanding

As the students landed in the bustling Indian capital, their initial awe at the traditional attire, arts, and jewellery was swiftly met with the stark reality of a crowded city rife with poverty and waste. Maëlys, a 14-year-old participant, talked about the difficulties, especially for those who had never left France before. The contrast between their upbringing in a priority education zone and the harsh realities of New Delhi prompted them to question their preconceptions.

The exchange program seeks to address global issues by breaking down cultural barriers. The teachers believe that many problems, including hatred and terrorism, stem from a lack of understanding. Exposing students to different perspectives and environments will eradicate prejudices related to skin colour and customs.

Apart from cultural immersion, the students actively engage with Indian schools to understand the educational system. Maëlys, for instance, was impressed by the disciplined morning routine in Indian schools, contrasting sharply with the atmosphere in their suburban middle school.

As the Lyon students stay with their Indian counterparts, they are not just witnessing the modern lifestyle but also experiencing the rich tapestry of tradition. Nikita’s family, for example, showcases a blend of modernity and tradition, with three generations living together.

In the spirit of the journey, the students also visited iconic sites like the Taj Mahal, concluding their transformative experience in the country of Gandhi. This cross-cultural exchange is sowing the seeds for a generation that, as the teachers hope, will carry forward a legacy of understanding and harmony.

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